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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sadness hides the sun.

Tuesday, November 30th 2010

     I guess Vanessa Barlow really is coming to my house tomorrow. She cornered me after gym class to confirm our appointment. I invited Connie over too as a safety net. She agreed but I think she has afraid that Vanessa is coming back to reclaim her BFF. She kept asking me “Why do you even WANT to hang out with her? She dropped you and then pretended you never existed.” All I could say was “Because… I don’t know” and I really don’t know.

     People grow apart all the time. I’ve seen in on a million TV shows and movies. I guess all she’s really guilty of is being really cold. After a while I really didn’t care if we hung out or not, but the way she ignored me always hurt a bit. She looked through me as if I didn’t matter and I know I don’t matter but I don’t like anyone else making that judgement.

     My mom, who has no concept of the passing of time, gave no reaction when I told her. She just said “Ok, I’ll be sure to pick up some snacks for you and your little friends.”

     I wanna be annoyed at her, but hey, snacks are snacks.

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