Things that aren't as important as they should be.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sadness hides the sun.

Tuesday, November 30th 2010

     I guess Vanessa Barlow really is coming to my house tomorrow. She cornered me after gym class to confirm our appointment. I invited Connie over too as a safety net. She agreed but I think she has afraid that Vanessa is coming back to reclaim her BFF. She kept asking me “Why do you even WANT to hang out with her? She dropped you and then pretended you never existed.” All I could say was “Because… I don’t know” and I really don’t know.

     People grow apart all the time. I’ve seen in on a million TV shows and movies. I guess all she’s really guilty of is being really cold. After a while I really didn’t care if we hung out or not, but the way she ignored me always hurt a bit. She looked through me as if I didn’t matter and I know I don’t matter but I don’t like anyone else making that judgement.

     My mom, who has no concept of the passing of time, gave no reaction when I told her. She just said “Ok, I’ll be sure to pick up some snacks for you and your little friends.”

     I wanna be annoyed at her, but hey, snacks are snacks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shirley, I wish they were kidding.

Monday, November 29th 2010

     I looked into the mirror but could not see myself through the mist. That’s when I saw her blood red eyes behind me. I turned to face my demon cold and vulnerable.

     “Say my name.” Her voice penetrated my skin and sent flames up my sinuses. My resolve began to wane.

     “Just leave me alone… Ravenessa Collins.”

     “Well done. Glad to see you back in the Game.”

     Lunch will never be the same again. Connie and I were splitting our Twinkies and laughing at Toby’s awful Frosty the Snowman impression (Yes, he does all of the traditional Christmas Special characters. I almost choked on my Chef Boy R’ Dee when he tried reenacting an entire scene from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.) Out of nowhere… Vanessa Barlow casually walks over and sits next to me.

     VANESSA BARLOW sat next to me. We all stare at her and she quietly says “Hey Pen, how ya been?”

     I don’t want to sound like a cliché, but I was literally hit with a bazillion OMFG reactions all at once. I was semi-paralyzed. This girl has gone out of her way to distance herself from me for almost 2 years now. After 30 seconds or so, I just said “Fine, how about you?”

     We made small talk and I introduced her to Connie and her tag team boyfriends. She was oddly calm… and nice. Too nice? All through 8th grade and then these first few months of high school I was a leper to her and now she wants to, I dunno, give me a kidney. We’re supposed to study together Wednesday but I’m still not sure why I agreed to it.

     I got home tonight and had to finally come to grips with the fact that Dancing With The Stars has been replaced with Skating With The Stars and my life is empty because of it. I didn’t think they made a form of figure skating that I didn’t find fascinating, but there ya have it.

     Before I go I want to say a very sincere RIP to Leslie Nielsen. I saw Airplane like 80 times before I turned 10. It’s part of why I’m such a smart-ass to people. To this day I can’t help but giggle when I hear the word “surely.”

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All the salad you can eat!

Sunday, November 28th 2010

     Nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing CAN ever be the same again. The moment finally came. Penderson showed me his true form today… I have never been so attracted to something so dangerous. My entire body shudders and a cold sweat clamps to my body. I’m a powder keg waiting for him to ignite me. What stops me from losing myself forever in his arms? The way that Priatt keeps looking at me…

     Connie went on her first double date yesterday and unfortunately I had to be there. Tangled and Harry Potter were both sold out to we ended up seeing Morning Glory instead. Rachel McAdams was amazing in it, but let’s just say it’s no When In Rome.

     Toby and Blake took turns holding her hand and I had to sit in the row behind Connie to be able to talk to her. This was not my proudest moment.

     Today was a little better. I opted to go shopping with my parents and got to spend an hour circling The Tri-County Plaza Towne Centre Mall. Mom felt bad so instead of making me go into Bed, Bath and Beyond I was allowed to hang out in Guitar Center to try out some guitars. I “played” an Epiphone Wilshire for a while and am quite smitten. I may seriously consider saving up allowance and Christmas money to get it, but mostly I just wanted to be holding it when my parents come to get me. It’s been several years since I’ve gotten a “big Christmas gift” and a little direction never hurt anybody. We stopped off for a late lunch at the Olive Garden on the way home and the World’s Biggest Super Flex Douche Bag made a “When you’re here you’re family” joke. Me, Mom and Dad all sighed at once. Maybe we are related after all.

     Off to do homework but I leave you with a new hope. Today I finished chapter one of my Dystopian Romance Epic “Spoiled by the Spoils?” and may be posting it this week. In the meantime, here’s some more Connie Artwork.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Chicken and the Spider.

Friday, November 26th 2010

     It’s Black Friday and my Mom is one of those idiots who go out shopping at 5:00 A.M. and my Dad is one of those idiots who actually have to work today. I have the house all to myself. I have never been so bored in my entire life.

     My ennui was such that I actually talked to Connie for over an hour. We talked about her boy troubles and avoided talking about how Brint never called me. It was actually sorta nice having a nice normal conversation with a friend.

     After the Kate Nash show Connie is suddenly very open to trying out new music, so she asked me to make her a mix. She even offered to make one for me to, but I politely declined. I don’t need any Justin Bieber, Evanescence or Michael Buble on my iPod. I suggested instead that she use her talents to draw me something. I'm starting to think she may be a secret genius because she sent me this.

     Connie and I have a symbiotic relationship. She makes me feel like less of an idiot and I make her feel like less of a loser.

“Angry Grey’s Anatomy Mix” for Connie.

Better Son/Daughter, Rilo Kiley
We Are All Going To Hell, Ida Maria
Smireneye, Zola Jesus
Shine Like A New Pin, Camera Obscura
Sadness Hides the Sun, Anika
One Little Problem, Violet Violet
White, Charlotte Hatherley
Loot, Fabienne Delsol
Burning Photographs, Ryan Adams
Hollywood, Marina and the Diamonds
Valium Knights, Spinnerette
For Emma, Bon Iver
I Will Dare, The Replacements
The Tenure Itch, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Song for Myla Goldberg, The Decemberists
Huddle Formation, Go Team

     All in all, not too pretty, not too scary. She’ll probably have violent nightmares tonight.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bowling for soup on a Starry Starry Night

Thursday, November 25th 2010

     Thanksgiving. Whatever. I could spend some time describing everything I've eaten all day, but i won't.

     Here are pictures showing what I was doing while my Uncle and Grandfather watched football with my father.

DISCLAIMER: Penelope Blackheart Inc. is not responsible for any long term mental issues / seizures / tummy problems these pictures may cause.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Return to the Beast.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

     I am now an official veteran of an NHL game. My dad got us great seats (4th row) and I spent a few hours watching dudes on skates having their faces smashed against Plexiglas while my dad kept trying to explain what “offside” and “icing” were. No a bad time. Special shout out to the Devils Dancers who made up for their lack of timing and rhythm with great enthusiasm. Nice try ladies.

     As the game went on, he did start acting weird though. He kept asking me if I was happy and if I had fun on Sunday with my mom. I swear if they are getting divorced I’m running away to Canada.

     Not that I’d know if they were even fighting. I’ve never heard my parents yell at each other. I’ve also never seen them kiss each other anywhere besides on the cheek. Maybe this is normal, but TV has taught me differently.


     I’m not as popular as usual this week. (Ha!) KingdomTarts1999 wants to know “Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?”

     I’m not sure if you actually wanted an essay here, but the simple answer is Belle, because she’s the one with the purest heart. I identify with her because she’s the only Disney Princess who isn’t illiterate. Beauty and the Beast is also my fave Disney movie. The only flaw in it is that Beast transforms in a tool at the end. I always wanted to write a sequel where she goes out of her way to curse him again. I call it “Return to the Beast.”

     Since emails were a fail this week I will leave y’all with yet another ridiculous Wiki page.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bobby has no winkie.

Monday, November 22nd 2010

     I’m having some mixed feelings about The Hunger Games. On the one hand, it’s the best book I’ve read since Tender Morsels. It’s Battle Royale meets The Lottery meets Death Race 2000 meets Kitchen Confidential. I love it and am already deep into the second book, Catching Fire. On the other hand… I think I gained 5 pounds reading it. There is sooo much food. I actually stopped reading the banquet scene in Catching Fire to get Oreos and milk tonight.

     I’m still not acknowledging the Vanessa thing. I’m not sure if I don’t wanna deal with or I just don’t care anymore. She actually looked at me during lunch today and Connie asked “Who the hell is that?” and I couldn’t lie to her. (If she found out it’d be like telling a kid there’s no Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or that Robert Pattinson doesn’t have a penis.)

     I’ll summarize. Vanessa Barlow was my best friend in 6th and 7th grade and now she’s not. Somehow we stopped talking the summer before 8th grade and by the time school started we were arch enemies. Connie offered to confront her for me. I really need to start being a better friend to her.

     She hasn’t tried calling me today, so it can’t be all that important anyway.

     I leave you tonight with the most ridiculous website in history.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Nutella Crepes vs The Past

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

     Joy! Rapture! Hallelujah! There is a God! My mom ran into traffic on the Belt Parkway, gave up on the Brooklyn Crafts Fair and we went to IHOP instead. My mother said “it’s so good to see you smiling. I’m so glad we got to spend the day together.” I thought to myself that if she’d just keep feeding me Nutella Crepes and I’d drop out and hang with her full time.

     I did hug her though. I felt bad when she said “I just hope you aren’t too disappointed we missed the Fair.” She’s just so clueless sometimes. Like I really wanted to spend my day seeing a bunch of Etsy whores pimping out their loneliness. All in all it’s been a great weekend.

     At least it was until we got home and my dad told me Vanessa Barlow called. I didn’t believe him so I made him repeat it like 4 times before going to check the Caller I.D. I looked at my cel, which was turned off, and when I turned it on 4 texts popped up. 3 were from Connie but the 4th was from one Vanessa Barlow “please call me back when you get a chance.”

     I can’t even begin to process this now.

I'll just read a book instead!

Saturday, November 20th 2010,

     Best night ever. The show was AMAZING. I am now officially hooked on the live concert experience. Kate Nash is my hero and all is well in the world for one night. Even Connie, who’d never even heard her before tonight and listens to Nickelback, was completely blown away. She’s letting me update her iPod right now.

     I even sorta met a guy. His name is Brint Dauber, so I’m guessing his parents are as loving as mine are. We started talking during “Birds” (my new favorite song of all time) and seemed to hit it off. I’m sure we’ll never talk again but we exchanged emails so who knows.

     Okay, it’s late and Connie just flushed so I’ll have to write my review (A+++++++) later on!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jeans and a Hoodie

Friday, November 19th 2010

     I’m desperately trying to sleep. I want to be entirely alert for the show tomorrow. Connie is coming over at 6:00 so we can get ready together. I’m not sure what she has in mind since I don’t really wear make up and plan on wearing a shirt and jeans under a hoodie. I swear, if she tries to give me a makeover I’m setting her on fire.

     I’m in for a crazy few days regardless. Tomorrow, Kate Nash followed by Connie sleepover. Sunday, God help me, I have to go to a Craft fair in Brooklyn with my mother. That is quite possibly the most depressing sentence I’ve ever written.

     As if that wasn’t ghastly enough, during dinner tonight, (English Muffin Pizza night. Hey it’s not my fault they let me pick dinner once a week) my Daddy Dearest informed me that he was taking me to a Devils game on Wednesday. A hockey game… great.

     Why the hell are my parents trying to spend time with me? I don’t like it. I know lots of kids get all sorts of messed up when they don’t get enough attention from their parents, but I’m willing to take that risk. I’m sure when I’m smoking meth in an abandoned warehouse in a few years I’ll be bitter, but right now I just want to be left alone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sad for Dinner.

Thursday, November 18th 2010

     My tummy aches and I have a fever, so I stayed home from school today. Even my “happy meal” of sardines and alphabet soup didn’t help. All I want is a Snickers bar now.

     Connie asked if I wanted to go see Tangled next week. She wants to do a double date thing, but she means two dates for her and me tagging along. I can’t stand being with them a moment longer than I have to be, but I’m a sucker for a Disney Princess so I’ll probably end up going.

     She’s so excited for Saturday night and I can’t blame her, but I couldn’t listen to her talk about what she was gonna wear another second so I faked vomiting so I could hang up.

     I’m trying desperately to not burn out on Kate Nash before the show so I need to go and pick new sleep music for the night. By request, I leave you with one of my poems.

Sad For Dinner

I’ve seen you look at me, just looking at me.
When prophecies fail constantly
When everything starts to take its toll
And everyone wants to order out.

But you don’t want to settle like that
And then I heard you say

I like the jewels in her hair
But I never wanted to be a rebel.
The face looks like the devil.

We used to count the rockets on our hands
Talk about the old people wasteland
We’d list the names while we played
Said these are the stars in our constellation.

But you don’t always remember all that
And I heard it again

I like the jewels in her hair
But I never wanted to be a rebel.
The face looks like the devil.

Come with me, Penderson.

Wednesday, November 17th 2010

     I can’t believe that I was so freaking out of it last night that I missed DWTS. It was really hard to not get spoiled at school today. Actually, I only talk to 3 people at school, so I guess it wasn’t really that hard at all. At least I didn’t shoot my TV like that Wisconsin guy. (

     Wednesday is email day and I received a record 12 emails this week! Here are the easiest to answer. writes “What do you think of penguins? Cute, awesome, both, neither, what?”

     Hmm… I fell asleep during March Of The Penguins so I really don’t know. asks “Do you play any video games?”

     Do phone apps count? I’ve played Angry Birds a few times. I will only say this once. I will NOT write a Final Fantasy fanfic with you.

     And finally I will end with a question from “I loved the posts where you write prose. Have you ever considered writing a novel? Penderson sounds so amazing, is he based on a real person? Do you have a crush at school?”

     I’m glad that you like my ramblings, but they’re not real. I suppose I could write a novel one day, but as you can tell, I keep a pretty busy schedule and would have trouble finding the time for it. Maybe I’ll try my hand at it this weekend.

     Now as for the second question. Is there a real life Penderson Reelings inspiring me? Oh HELL no. I have no love for any guys at school and, as you well know if you’ve read previous posts, the feeling is mutual. Connie thinks I’m too picky but I swear I’m not. Since I started high school I’ve been waiting for some boy to suddenly mature and turn into a real human being. I’m no holding my breath.

     Since I’m in a relatively good mood tonight, (no dinner disappointment, no Connie crying etc.) I’d like to leave you all with the video for the Worst Song in History. Enjoy.

PS to all the people who emailed me about my Hunger Games comment: Yes, I finished the first chapter and realized that there is plenty of food. Sue me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Swan Is Deceiving Us All

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

     I was promised Taco Bell this morning. Before you accuse me of overreacting I’d like to put a spotlight on the word “Promised.” My stupid dad forgot to stop off at Taco Bell on the way home. It put me into a deep sadness that even Sun Wah Kitchen’s House Special Lo Mein could not fix.

     After dinner I went into my room and put on my go to depression music, Camera Obscura, but I didn’t even get to enjoy that. Mom walked in and let me know that she “loved Camera Obscura! We can go see them together next time they come around.” I have got to find a way to cancel my parents’ Alternative Press subscription.

     At least I’m still super excited about Saturday. Connie’s mom talked to mine for an hour today and it’s official. Connie and I will be seeing Kate Nash Saturday night and she’s crashing at my house afterwards. We just have to make sure she gets to church by 11 Sunday.

     Sorry, I’m just not that entertainment tonight, so I leave you with this.

Monday, November 15, 2010


 Monday, November 15th 2010

     I’d never seen flames so high or felt this cold to the bone before. The Darkness was attacking from all directions, but Penderson shielded me from both the fire and ice. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the shrills of Thornbeasts, ignore the noise of death until Penderson told me it was okay. I was SAFE now.

     Okay, so I guess I’m ready to admit that Connie’s impending threesome has messed with my psyche. I even asked her flat out today, “Why don’t guys hit on me? I mean I know I’m not hot or anything but I’m not deformed.” Evidently, I always look “standoffish.” What the hell does that mean? It’s not like I walk around looking angry all day, just a little disinterested. Then she asked if I even really liked anything. I mumbled something about TV and changed the subject. I made the mistake of asking my mom what she thought and she said that “perhaps your negative attitude is sending out the wrong signals.”

     She’s stupid.

     Also, it doesn’t help that I started reading The Game by Neil Strauss and will be finding it difficult to talk to boys ever, ever again. Plus I'm still pissed that i didn't get to see Avalon High this weekend.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainy Days and Pelicans Always Get Me Down.

Early Sunday, November 14th 2010

     It’s almost 2 A.M. and I finally got Connie to sleep. She’s been here since 11 in the morning and I’ve heard the words Toby and Blake approximately 800 times each since. I want to drill a small hole in my skull, because I really can’t see anything else getting rid of my headache.

     I haven’t had anyone over my house in over 2 years, so my parents were over the top with hospitality. There were snacks and pizza. Dad offered to let us order whatever movie we wanted On Demand. Mom was so insistent on Connie being welcome “anytime she wants, day or night” that I think she slipped a set of spare keys into Connie’s bag.

     After we watched When in Rome we retired to my room where all of a sudden I had to find something to do, which is difficult enough as it is. Connie noticed my stack or art supplies and sketch books and suggested we “doodle or something.” We drew for a while and I got to hear all about the Double Trouble Boy situation some more. I think I may have given advice… but I’m not sure. That girl talks A LOT.

     I’m posting pics of our drawings. I’ll let you guess who did which.

p.s. I hope that a shrink never gets a hold of these, for all of our sakes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bizarre Love Triangle

Thursday, November 11th 2010

     Connie is somehow now involved in a bizarre love triangle. That’s correct, Connie Sundberg, who had her father build an actual scale sized stable for her My Little Pony collection, has 2 boys fighting over her. At some point last week, I had to notice that in addition to Mr. Smooth Toby, another suitor had started eating lunch with us in the cafeteria, Mister Blake Dyson.

     Now I realize that Blake Dyson sounds like a name from Gossip Girl, but I also can assure you that he looks NOTHING like any boy who has ever graced the CW. He is approximately 80 pounds of awkward.

     I tried to ignore it, but they boys were not subtle. Toby brought in a mixed CD for her yesterday and today Blake upped the ante by giving her a 20 dollar Best Buy gift card that he had “found and had no use for.” I still tried to ignore it, but tonight Connie called me and told me that “They both have been calling and messaging me constantly all week and she was freaking out because she thinks she may have feeling for both of them and they both have equal pros and cons and what am I going to do? You’re my best friend and I need your help.” Gag.

     Three things came out of this conversation.

1.     I invited Connie over to my house Saturday to help her get over her crisis.

2.     Oh dear God, Connie really is my BFF.

3. Okay, both these boys are hideous, so I’m not jealous, but it does drive me crazy that they don’t like me.

     Now I feel like crap so I’m going to read until I fall asleep or my eyes fall out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sad La La Land

Wednesday, November 10th 2010

     I could see this Demi Lovato thing coming from a mile away. Her tweets were becoming more frightening every day. I’m also disturbed by how often Perez Hilton comes up in my internet searches. I suppose I can’t be surprised when I Google “Demi Lovato Cocaine.” I don’t know why I care… but I do. Blame that stupid Princess Protection Program movie. It erased Camp Rock from my mind, and Camp Rock 2. Whatever, judge me later. Only 1 email today. wanted to know if I have ever seen the Vampire Diaries.

     Yes. Of course I watch Vampire Diaries, but I usually save a few on the DVR and have a mini-marathon. I will probably do a midseason recap at some point. It’s awesome, like a True Blood but with Heterosexual vampires. I know it’s kinda shallow for me to watch a show at least partially because of hot, hot vampires, but you if you saw the guys in my school, you’d understand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All fruit snacks are NOT created equally.

Tuesday, November 9th 2010

     Goodbye Kurt and Anna. I usually can’t wait for the athletes to get booted off, but he seemed like a nice guy. Of course I’m rooting for Kyle Massey, but I don’t think I’ll be angry whoever wins, which is impressive this late in the competition. I just want Bristol Palin to make it to the final. I feel bad for her, when this is all over she’s gonna have to go back to Alaska. To a kid, a lot of ice and whatever Sarah Palin is.

     I have to remember ask mom to buy more Dora the Explorer fruit flavored snacks. There is a difference.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Demon Core and Stinky Toys

Monday, November 8th 2010

     I haven’t felt like writing for the past few days. To amuse my 3 loyal readers, here are a few misleading wiki pages. I promise you at least a minute of entertainment.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Later on I'll cry my stupid eyes out.

Friday, November 5th 2010

     I think my annoying music experiment is beginning to pay big dividends. I was shocked when my mom actually gave me permission to see a concert without her. On Saturday, November 20th I’m going to the Kate Nash in Montclair. I get a ticket, a ride to the theater and cab fare home and also, the feeling of being a “big girl now.” All I have to do is call as soon as the show is over and let them know I’m heading home. If Connie isn’t grounded she may go too. Not that it’s saying much, but this is easily the most exciting thing to ever happen to me.

     I don’t want to do anything to jinx this so I deleted all of the New Kids on the Block from my iPod and hard drive. It’s not like I can’t find it again when I need to keep Ma and Pa in line. In the mean time I only have 15 days to memorize 2 albums worth of songs. It's been a big day, so I'm taking a shot of NyQuil and nodding off.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How does one become a bear trainers?

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

     Email day? I suppose if people take the time to write to me I’ll try my best to occasionally reply. So here we go, asks, “What do you think of people who bash twilight and think they’re moral crusaders?”

     You might be shocked by this, but I think these people are stupid. I also think people who blindly love twilight are stupid. I also think people who train bears are stupid. Etc. etc. How does one even become a bear trainer?

     Next up, “I read that you started listening to Lesley Gore, so I found this and I thought you might like it. That is the only fan club approved and officially recognized by Lesley Gore. There a biography and pictures and stuff. You can for $10! I think I might join. I mean, look at all the stuff you get a membership card, her complete discography, a welcome letter (from Lesley!) and a newsletter. Anyways, I hope things are going awesome for you. Roland OUT.”

     Roland, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m not quite sure I’m ready to commit. Rest assured it’s definitely a strong “maybe” for my Christmas list. I mean I love membership cards. It would look great in my wallet next to my expired Miley Cyrus fan club card.

Hate the cape, don't mind the movie.

Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

     I need to make plans to leave the country on December 4th, T-Day. A.K.A. the day that Eclipse comes out. Connie has invited me to an all day Team Edward Extravaganza. It’s not that I don’t wanna hang out with Connie in her house. It’s not that I don’t wanna see Eclipse again. (It’s the only Twilight movie/book that didn’t make me vomit. I can even admit to sorta liking it.) I just don’t want to spend the ENTIRE day watching ALL the movies with Connie, her mother, little sister and most of all with her creepy older brother. He’s 19 and wears a cape. I wonder if I can make a dental appointment for that day.

     Day off for elections today so I slept until 10 A.M. Have no idea who ran or who won. A few times kids in my English class have tried to talk to me about politics. I think I guessed write when I said “tea baggers suck.” At least I know I’m right by what I consider a “tea bagger” to be.

     Tonight, my dad politely asked me to please lower the Francoise Hardy (60's French Pop song and style icon) song I had on repeat. While he was showering I put the New Kids back on and my mom came in to “talk.” She just wanted to make sure nothing major had changed in my life. I thanked her for her concern and then begged her to leave me alone because Dancing with the Stars was on. Her face was priceless, it was like telling her I’m a Wal-Mart shopping Republican. If their taste in music didn't clue you in, they are Democtras. Also, I was sad to see Cheryl Burke sent home tonight. It’s not her fault she was stuck with sleazy Rick Fox. (Soapnet shows One Tree Hill reruns so I know how evil he really is.)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Sunday, October 31st 2010

     Halloween. I spent the whole night eating the candy I bought at CVS and watching a 16 and Pregnant marathon. I walked into the house wearing an Iron Man mask I found on the street so my parents didn’t ask any questions.

     It’s almost Midnight. I should probably start my Algebra homework.