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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Return to the Beast.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

     I am now an official veteran of an NHL game. My dad got us great seats (4th row) and I spent a few hours watching dudes on skates having their faces smashed against Plexiglas while my dad kept trying to explain what “offside” and “icing” were. No a bad time. Special shout out to the Devils Dancers who made up for their lack of timing and rhythm with great enthusiasm. Nice try ladies.

     As the game went on, he did start acting weird though. He kept asking me if I was happy and if I had fun on Sunday with my mom. I swear if they are getting divorced I’m running away to Canada.

     Not that I’d know if they were even fighting. I’ve never heard my parents yell at each other. I’ve also never seen them kiss each other anywhere besides on the cheek. Maybe this is normal, but TV has taught me differently.


     I’m not as popular as usual this week. (Ha!) KingdomTarts1999 wants to know “Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why?”

     I’m not sure if you actually wanted an essay here, but the simple answer is Belle, because she’s the one with the purest heart. I identify with her because she’s the only Disney Princess who isn’t illiterate. Beauty and the Beast is also my fave Disney movie. The only flaw in it is that Beast transforms in a tool at the end. I always wanted to write a sequel where she goes out of her way to curse him again. I call it “Return to the Beast.”

     Since emails were a fail this week I will leave y’all with yet another ridiculous Wiki page.

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