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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sad La La Land

Wednesday, November 10th 2010

     I could see this Demi Lovato thing coming from a mile away. Her tweets were becoming more frightening every day. I’m also disturbed by how often Perez Hilton comes up in my internet searches. I suppose I can’t be surprised when I Google “Demi Lovato Cocaine.” I don’t know why I care… but I do. Blame that stupid Princess Protection Program movie. It erased Camp Rock from my mind, and Camp Rock 2. Whatever, judge me later. Only 1 email today. wanted to know if I have ever seen the Vampire Diaries.

     Yes. Of course I watch Vampire Diaries, but I usually save a few on the DVR and have a mini-marathon. I will probably do a midseason recap at some point. It’s awesome, like a True Blood but with Heterosexual vampires. I know it’s kinda shallow for me to watch a show at least partially because of hot, hot vampires, but you if you saw the guys in my school, you’d understand.

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