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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hate the cape, don't mind the movie.

Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

     I need to make plans to leave the country on December 4th, T-Day. A.K.A. the day that Eclipse comes out. Connie has invited me to an all day Team Edward Extravaganza. It’s not that I don’t wanna hang out with Connie in her house. It’s not that I don’t wanna see Eclipse again. (It’s the only Twilight movie/book that didn’t make me vomit. I can even admit to sorta liking it.) I just don’t want to spend the ENTIRE day watching ALL the movies with Connie, her mother, little sister and most of all with her creepy older brother. He’s 19 and wears a cape. I wonder if I can make a dental appointment for that day.

     Day off for elections today so I slept until 10 A.M. Have no idea who ran or who won. A few times kids in my English class have tried to talk to me about politics. I think I guessed write when I said “tea baggers suck.” At least I know I’m right by what I consider a “tea bagger” to be.

     Tonight, my dad politely asked me to please lower the Francoise Hardy (60's French Pop song and style icon) song I had on repeat. While he was showering I put the New Kids back on and my mom came in to “talk.” She just wanted to make sure nothing major had changed in my life. I thanked her for her concern and then begged her to leave me alone because Dancing with the Stars was on. Her face was priceless, it was like telling her I’m a Wal-Mart shopping Republican. If their taste in music didn't clue you in, they are Democtras. Also, I was sad to see Cheryl Burke sent home tonight. It’s not her fault she was stuck with sleazy Rick Fox. (Soapnet shows One Tree Hill reruns so I know how evil he really is.)

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