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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainy Days and Pelicans Always Get Me Down.

Early Sunday, November 14th 2010

     It’s almost 2 A.M. and I finally got Connie to sleep. She’s been here since 11 in the morning and I’ve heard the words Toby and Blake approximately 800 times each since. I want to drill a small hole in my skull, because I really can’t see anything else getting rid of my headache.

     I haven’t had anyone over my house in over 2 years, so my parents were over the top with hospitality. There were snacks and pizza. Dad offered to let us order whatever movie we wanted On Demand. Mom was so insistent on Connie being welcome “anytime she wants, day or night” that I think she slipped a set of spare keys into Connie’s bag.

     After we watched When in Rome we retired to my room where all of a sudden I had to find something to do, which is difficult enough as it is. Connie noticed my stack or art supplies and sketch books and suggested we “doodle or something.” We drew for a while and I got to hear all about the Double Trouble Boy situation some more. I think I may have given advice… but I’m not sure. That girl talks A LOT.

     I’m posting pics of our drawings. I’ll let you guess who did which.

p.s. I hope that a shrink never gets a hold of these, for all of our sakes.

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