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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Come with me, Penderson.

Wednesday, November 17th 2010

     I can’t believe that I was so freaking out of it last night that I missed DWTS. It was really hard to not get spoiled at school today. Actually, I only talk to 3 people at school, so I guess it wasn’t really that hard at all. At least I didn’t shoot my TV like that Wisconsin guy. (

     Wednesday is email day and I received a record 12 emails this week! Here are the easiest to answer. writes “What do you think of penguins? Cute, awesome, both, neither, what?”

     Hmm… I fell asleep during March Of The Penguins so I really don’t know. asks “Do you play any video games?”

     Do phone apps count? I’ve played Angry Birds a few times. I will only say this once. I will NOT write a Final Fantasy fanfic with you.

     And finally I will end with a question from “I loved the posts where you write prose. Have you ever considered writing a novel? Penderson sounds so amazing, is he based on a real person? Do you have a crush at school?”

     I’m glad that you like my ramblings, but they’re not real. I suppose I could write a novel one day, but as you can tell, I keep a pretty busy schedule and would have trouble finding the time for it. Maybe I’ll try my hand at it this weekend.

     Now as for the second question. Is there a real life Penderson Reelings inspiring me? Oh HELL no. I have no love for any guys at school and, as you well know if you’ve read previous posts, the feeling is mutual. Connie thinks I’m too picky but I swear I’m not. Since I started high school I’ve been waiting for some boy to suddenly mature and turn into a real human being. I’m no holding my breath.

     Since I’m in a relatively good mood tonight, (no dinner disappointment, no Connie crying etc.) I’d like to leave you all with the video for the Worst Song in History. Enjoy.

PS to all the people who emailed me about my Hunger Games comment: Yes, I finished the first chapter and realized that there is plenty of food. Sue me.

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