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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bizarre Love Triangle

Thursday, November 11th 2010

     Connie is somehow now involved in a bizarre love triangle. That’s correct, Connie Sundberg, who had her father build an actual scale sized stable for her My Little Pony collection, has 2 boys fighting over her. At some point last week, I had to notice that in addition to Mr. Smooth Toby, another suitor had started eating lunch with us in the cafeteria, Mister Blake Dyson.

     Now I realize that Blake Dyson sounds like a name from Gossip Girl, but I also can assure you that he looks NOTHING like any boy who has ever graced the CW. He is approximately 80 pounds of awkward.

     I tried to ignore it, but they boys were not subtle. Toby brought in a mixed CD for her yesterday and today Blake upped the ante by giving her a 20 dollar Best Buy gift card that he had “found and had no use for.” I still tried to ignore it, but tonight Connie called me and told me that “They both have been calling and messaging me constantly all week and she was freaking out because she thinks she may have feeling for both of them and they both have equal pros and cons and what am I going to do? You’re my best friend and I need your help.” Gag.

     Three things came out of this conversation.

1.     I invited Connie over to my house Saturday to help her get over her crisis.

2.     Oh dear God, Connie really is my BFF.

3. Okay, both these boys are hideous, so I’m not jealous, but it does drive me crazy that they don’t like me.

     Now I feel like crap so I’m going to read until I fall asleep or my eyes fall out.

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