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Sunday, November 28, 2010

All the salad you can eat!

Sunday, November 28th 2010

     Nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing CAN ever be the same again. The moment finally came. Penderson showed me his true form today… I have never been so attracted to something so dangerous. My entire body shudders and a cold sweat clamps to my body. I’m a powder keg waiting for him to ignite me. What stops me from losing myself forever in his arms? The way that Priatt keeps looking at me…

     Connie went on her first double date yesterday and unfortunately I had to be there. Tangled and Harry Potter were both sold out to we ended up seeing Morning Glory instead. Rachel McAdams was amazing in it, but let’s just say it’s no When In Rome.

     Toby and Blake took turns holding her hand and I had to sit in the row behind Connie to be able to talk to her. This was not my proudest moment.

     Today was a little better. I opted to go shopping with my parents and got to spend an hour circling The Tri-County Plaza Towne Centre Mall. Mom felt bad so instead of making me go into Bed, Bath and Beyond I was allowed to hang out in Guitar Center to try out some guitars. I “played” an Epiphone Wilshire for a while and am quite smitten. I may seriously consider saving up allowance and Christmas money to get it, but mostly I just wanted to be holding it when my parents come to get me. It’s been several years since I’ve gotten a “big Christmas gift” and a little direction never hurt anybody. We stopped off for a late lunch at the Olive Garden on the way home and the World’s Biggest Super Flex Douche Bag made a “When you’re here you’re family” joke. Me, Mom and Dad all sighed at once. Maybe we are related after all.

     Off to do homework but I leave you with a new hope. Today I finished chapter one of my Dystopian Romance Epic “Spoiled by the Spoils?” and may be posting it this week. In the meantime, here’s some more Connie Artwork.

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