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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'll just read a book instead!

Saturday, November 20th 2010,

     Best night ever. The show was AMAZING. I am now officially hooked on the live concert experience. Kate Nash is my hero and all is well in the world for one night. Even Connie, who’d never even heard her before tonight and listens to Nickelback, was completely blown away. She’s letting me update her iPod right now.

     I even sorta met a guy. His name is Brint Dauber, so I’m guessing his parents are as loving as mine are. We started talking during “Birds” (my new favorite song of all time) and seemed to hit it off. I’m sure we’ll never talk again but we exchanged emails so who knows.

     Okay, it’s late and Connie just flushed so I’ll have to write my review (A+++++++) later on!

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  1. i just went to a kate nash concert last month. she is amazing beyong belief.