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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i can't have anything i want they say i'm just too young but it's not my fault.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010

     Surreal. Kafkaesque. Mystifying. Low calorie. This was my night.

     Vanessa got here a little bit before Connie and it was weird the second we were alone in my room. We were quiet for a minute and right when I went over to put on some music on my laptop she started saying “Okay, here’s the thing…” I turned to look at her and the doorbell rang. Connie was galloping into my room before we had a chance to even talk.

     We spent the rest of the night semi-studying for exams and taking turns playing our iPods. Connie is now officially banned from choosing music forever. I hope to God that Con never finds this site, but if she ever does… JUSTIN BIEBER? REALLY CONNIE? Sorry, just had to get that out.

     Vanessa kept complimenting everything I put on and in general was nicer than she’s ever been in her entire life. I didn’t know V Bar did “civil.” She even told my mom how much she loved the “healthy snacks.” It was celery and carrots with watery Ranch dressing. I pulled out Oreo’s and leftover Halloween candy the second she left the room and we dumped the veggies, but Vanessa’s sucking up did not go unnoticed.

     Overall it wasn’t a bad night. Vanessa even got along with Connie. They talked about clothes/fashion. I think? Evidently Vanessa reminds Connie of “less scary Alexa Chung.” We’re all supposed to hang out again this weekend at my house.

     Only 3 emails this week (should I get rid of Email Wednesday!?) wants to know “I see you’re reading the Hunger Games series. So come on, who’s your choice, Peeta or Gale?”

     I only have like 70 pages left in Mockingjay. As much as it irks me that he’s named after something you dump a Falafel on, it’s Peeta, it’s always been Peeta, and it’s never been close. is dying to find out. “Hey Penelope, who is your favorite television doctor?”

     Doctor Who. Duh.

     Finally, simply asks, “What is your favorite song of all time.”

     Easy. 24 hours by Alexz Johnson. Look it up.

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