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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rise from the ashes.

Sunday, December 19th 2010

     Free at last. Sort of at least. During dinner tonight my dad gave me a really serious look and asked me if I’d “learned my lesson and promise never to do something so foolish again.” I nodded emphatically and viola, my punishment was lifted on a probation status. I’m going to be quick here because my internet time will be both limited and monitored for the foreseeable future.

     Here is a quick list of the lessons I actually learned while I was grounded.

That’s all.

     I will be sure to catch you all up on my life during Christmas vacation. I did my year’s best etc lists and saw some of the worst movies of all time. If you’re like dying to know what I’ve been doing I can recap my glorious day today for you. I watched a Storage Wars marathon. Best show ever.

     I did make a few friends in prison and they were the highlight of my vacation. Here are a few pictures. Talk to you soon. Hopefully.

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