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Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Epoch Ago.

Sunday, December 5th 2010

     I’m still too traumatized to write much so instead I present to you, as promised, chapter one of my dystopian sci-fi romance epic, Spoiled by the Spoils.

     Marina swore she’d never love again after WW4. Now she stood overlooking the wasteland, clutching her secrets to her tender bosom.

     The faces of The Fallen hovered over her body like ghosts on meat racks, covered in soot and ash. Marina closed her eyes and took a step forward. She was ready to be judged.

     As she waited she thought back to her childhood. She was a 12 year old ingénue sneaking into the sweets factory with an empty knapsack and no shoes. The factory had a storefront which sold packaged delights and Marina had found a way to break in. After she filled her bag she ran back through the factory but when she neared the door something caught her eye.

     A large machine in the center of the room began operating. It was loud and frightening Marina was enthralled by its raging steam and violent pistons. She must have watched it for a good minute before she saw a security guard making his rounds. He noticed her and gave chase. Marina bee-lined for the exit, made it all the way to the gate and began climbing before the guard caught her and pulled her down, tearing her dress.

     She cowered and began sobbing. The man looked gigantic next to her collapsed frame. He wore a disturbingly red uniform with white boots and gloves.

     “Well, well, aren’t you a pretty girl? Don’t be afraid.” He said as he slowly lifted her off the ground. “No one is going to hurt you. What do you have in that bag young lady? Did you get some candy for yourself?”

     Marina closed her eyes shut and shook her head yes, trying to slow her tears.

     “Don’t worry kid, I won’t tell on you.” He continued with some compassion in his voice. “Just show me that pretty smile of yours.”

     Marina tentatively opened her eyes and looked up. The guard was smiling at her. She smiled back at him and he patted her on the head and led her to the main gate.

     “Go on little girl, it’s late. You should be home.”

     Marina walked through the gate and headed back towards her house. After a few steps she turned back and waved to the guard. “Thanks.”

     “You come back and visit anytime you like.”

Chapter 2: An Epoch Ago

     Long before the Darkness had settled over the entirety of Earth, Marina had seen its beginnings along the eastern coast of the United States. She was born on the Fourth of July of the year 2015, somewhere in the wilderness between Domed New York and Domed Philadelphia.

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