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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Target Gift Card

Tuesday, December 28th 2010

     Connie’s mom drove us to Target today and the Caped Casanova (aka Bernard, aka Vaslering, aka don’t get me started) tagged along. I usually love going to Target, especially when I have a gift card, but Mr. Creep’s constant questions about Vanessa ruined it for me. He actually suggested I get her a bra. I made a puking sound and his mother made him go wait in the car. Her I like.

     I ended up using my 75 dollar gift card to buy her a 25 dollar gift card and I’m saving the rest for a future trip. The check out girl looked at me funny. Connie got boots and I think Bernard got a vest. Remind me one day to go on my vest are stupid, ugly and useless rant. Vanessa invited me over after school Thursday to exchange gifts and decide where we wanted to do New Years Eve.
     My bootleg DVD business didn’t generate the kind of revenue I like this year (I guess people are finally figuring out how to download torrents) so even with my Christmas cash the guitar fund is still stuck at a paltry 200 dollars. Does anyone know how much capital you need to start up a triangle scheme?

     I feel moved today, so I give you another poem.

Once upon a time there was a girl,
With no aspirations or dreams.
A mad, bored girl,
Who couldn’t tell a stitch from a seam.

     Okay, not so inspired I guess. I’m gonna eat some string cheese and dream of power chords.

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