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Monday, December 6, 2010

Save it for later.

Monday, December 5th 2010

     Me and Connie finally went to see Tangled after school today. Connie thought it was the greatest movie she’d ever seen. A bit over the top but I have to admit I liked it a lot too. I never paid attention to the Rapunzel story before and I never knew that her biological father was the Burger King. As it stands, I think Rapunzel is the second best Disney Princess ever and definitely the prettiest. I’m going to have to update my lunchbox collection now. I think I may have broken my diet at the theater. Does it count if you split all the food with someone?

     Is it bad that I don’t know wtf (grammar check, is wtf supposed to be capitalized?) WikiLeaks are? My parents were talking about it at the dinner table and I was completely lost. I almost asked if it had something to do with an internet dam, but opted to eat in silence while staring at the broccoli on my plate.

     My dad apologized to me for Saturday’s debacle. I don’t know why. I forgave him, because after all I am a gracious young lady. Also, I stole his credit card this afternoon to buy some tee shirts, so I figure I should be one up on him. I got a few shirts and had them shipped to Connie’s house and I guess I can just say I got them at the Salvation Army if my mom asks.

   After dinner I looked up a few old kids shows my mom used to watch, Hattytown and Paddington Bear. They were actually kinda cool. I’m gonna go watch Coraline until I fall asleep.

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