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Monday, January 31, 2011

I live under a bell shaped curve from being average.

Monday, January 31st 2011

     Another uncomfortable lunch today. See, Toby, now double rejected, has too much pride to sit at the table with us. Instead, he sat at the table right across from us and stared for 30 minutes. At one point during our Jerseylicious discussion he laughed out loud really loud. We started whispering after that.

     I caught up on Vampire Diaries after school and I am not pleased. Please oh please, NO MORE WOLVES. I don’t know who decided that Teen Wolf was cool again but they are just plain wrong.

     Yes, I realize that vampires are stupid too.

     Vanessa begged me for new music today so I’m making her a mix. I usually would make Miss Barlow the craziest mix possible, but Connie was there and insisted I give her the mix too, so I have to avoid “Scary Blood Sacrifice Music.” Here’s what I have so far.

I Can Tell / The Volebeats
Never Comes Around / La Sera
Bratty B / Best Coast
The Desert / Vivian Girls
Venus / Television
I Got You / Split Enz
Tropical / Plumtree
Ce Jour La / Fabienne Delsol
Let The Bells Ring / The Organ
Ruby Soho / Rancid
Save It For Later / The Beat
Swans / Camera Obscura
The Tenure Itch / The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Summer Babe (Winter Version) / Pavement
Taking People / Cat Power
All This Time / Heartless Bastards
Crazy For You / Best Coast.

     Not too shabby, right? It’s fun, fluffy, and pretentious. I haven’t lost my touch.

     I believe it is time for my first ever Penelope Black Heart Contest! The first person who emails me with any reason they think they are more bored than I am wins a copy of this fantastic mix above. Please send all entries to

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