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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I knew I loved Donald Duck the 19th time I saw him.

Wednesday, January 12th 2011

     I almost lost my iPhone (it’s a refurbished one, I’m not that spoiled) in Algebra today when I “woohoo”ed out loud after Alexz Johnson tweeted me. I know having a Canadian singer/actress acknowledge you isn’t the most exciting thing on earth, but I’ve always felt I’d be better off in Canada anyway so it’s great to me. Anyway, Mr. Munro walked over and saw the phone and tried to confiscate it. It was a struggle I eventually got it back by shouting “I’m gonna go and report it stolen now and God forbid there’s a school shooting.” He still gave me detention but I just played on Facebook the entire time so it wasn’t so bad. Good thing I had my phone on me.

     I was gonna go on and bore you with more details of my life but I actually got some emails this week! I’m too lazy to type out all the email addresses so I’ll just assign numbers this week.

     Numero uno writes “What are your favorite TV shows?”

     While I watch plenty of normal American shows like Big Bang Theory and Vampire diaries, I will attempt to be pretentious and only answer my favorite Canadian shows, Degrassi, Lost Girl, 18 to Life and Hiccups.

     Two wants to know “Who is your favorite classic Disney character?”

     Donald Duck. Duh, he’s the one who curses.

     The third question today is “Is Penelope your real name?”

     Of course. Also I live at 123 Chestnut St. Heller Park, NJ and my social security number is 987-62-7854. I also fight crime at night as the masked avenger “Blasé.” If you need a more elaborate schedule to further stalk me, please email me again.

     Question four. “DC or Marvel?”

     I’d feel less stupid calling myself a Metahuman than a Mutant, so DC. Also, I’d be a great Batfamily member. Boracle maybe?

     My dad brought home bird for dinner, so it's an early post for me today. Since I’ve been in a quotey mood lately I’m leave you with this gem from Judy Blume’s “Forever.”

     “I could have said it back to him right away. I was thinking it all along. I was thinking, I love you, Michael. But can you really love someone you’ve seen just nineteen times in your life?”


  1. Hi, Penelope, thanks for visiting me. We like some of the same movies and books I see. Like your blog.

  2. No problem and thanks! You have good taste.