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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm still obsessed with the mess that's america!

Monday, January 3rd 2011

The Best Albums of the year!

I present to you my top 11 albums of the year. (Please not the odd number of entries, which let’s you know that I’m totally different and wild.)

11. The Living Sisters, Love To Live: Sweet sappy 50’s pop with 3 chicks and 1 microphone, just like I love it.

10. Uffie, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans: I just wanna support Uffie’s quest to get her sound back from Ke$ha.

9. Imelda May, Mayhem: Imelda may is my get a tattoo rock. Kind of like an Amy Winehouse who is actually talented in more than being a super skank.

8. LoneLady, Nerve Up: If anyone actually knows who Lene Lovich is please e mail me for my review of this awesome record.

7.Anika, Anika: Dance music for people who think they’re too good to dance. Connie was scared by this record.

6. Screaming Females, Castle Talk: Castle Talk is my air guitar album of the year. It’s like a lost and spayed Smashing Pumpkins record.

5. Jenny and Johnny, I’m Having Fun Now: I don’t know who Johnny is, but I owe that man  a steak. After 2 horrendous solo records and a Rilo Kiley record which ranks in my all time bottom top 10, Jenny Lewis, with the help of her Scottish hubby, finally made me love her again.

4. Fabienne Delsol, On My Mind: Fabienne Delsol is just fun to say. Also, she sounds like a French pop Lesley Gore. I may as well just put straight rock cocaine on my iPod.

3. Pink Nasty, Pink Nasty: Pink nasty, worst name ever, sounds like an unwussy rilo kiley album. Do not google her brother Black Rob who has a track called “Bitch Named Frank,” easily the most disturbing love song in history.

2. Kate Nash, My Best Friend Is You: Where would I be without Kate Nash? I love this record and really wanted to make it number one for the year because forPublish Post a few months is actually was my only friend on earth. But that would mess with the integrity of my list, and you know how I feel about integrity.

Number 1! Marina and the Diamonds, The Family Jewels: This is just about the greatest pop album ever recorded. It’s the album that Lady GaGa or Madonna could have made if you cut out specific parts of their brain. If you haven’t heard it, just stop whatever you’re doing now and find it. It’s just that damn good.

Overall it was a great year in music if you took the extra 30 seconds it takes to find better music than Ass 100 or whatever station you listen to is playing. See, I really am a rebel.

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