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Friday, January 21, 2011

old people dancing.

Friday, January 21st 2011

     Okay, beyond weird night. I get from Connie’s house around 5 and my mom tells me to get ready, we’re all going out. I’m like “Wtf, Mom, I just got in. You’re gonna have to feed me or something before asking for favors.” Which she ignored.

     As it turns out there was this concert that my parents wanted to go to but it sold out on them. Today, while he was supposed to be working for Passaic County, he found tickets for really cheap on Stubhub. He got “3 tickets at a VERY reasonable rate and it isn’t even a school night.” Babysitters are impossible to get on short notice, blah, blah. So I had to eat a Hot Pocket and get ready in 45 minutes.

     The Jayhawks must have been a really big deal to my parents because, for the first time in my life, my dad drove into the city. Evidently they were performing one of their albums in their entirety and one of the guys hadn’t been in the band for 15 years or something so it was a once in a lifetime chance type deal which made my dad speed all the way into the city and then PAY for parking around Webster Hall.

     Oh God, I may have been conceived to this music. I will try my best not to let that effect my review.

     The show started right at 8 and the music was actually really good. I’m always up for a little alt-country etc, and the songs were great and the band sounded awesome. I downloaded the record and am listening to it right now.

     One other thing I need to mention. Old people dancing. Again. Wow. Old people dancing. It was really weird to see my parents out in their natural habitat with other adults. For old people, they’re really not that old. They still dress kinda cool. They didn’t get ripped and make asses of themselves. Also, they didn’t even try to dance. They just held hands. It was kinda nice.

     We left the show a little early (after one of the singers said “This is another new song” one too many times) and were home by 10:15. It was a really great night, but I’m still freaking starving. This is why I hide Nutty Bars in a tampon box under my bed.

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