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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can smell a fix and i don't mean the good kind that unbreaks stuff.

Sunday, January 30th 2011

     Jerseylicious (Wtf) or Mega Python vs Gatoroid… Jerseylicious (WTF) or Mega Python vs Gatoroid… where to start?

     Last night was pretty great. We all ate and laughed and discussed the fine cinema SyFy channel treated us to. I’ll be the first to admit, Mega Python vs Gatoroid was no Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, but to be fair, what is? While MPVG was able to match MSVGO in the cheese and acting factor, the latter juggled a much more entertaining story. While I watch these movies to see a Mega Shark eating a plane or a Mega Python eating a train, ultimately I’m a story whore at heart.

     I was impressed by both Debbie Gibson and Tiffany’s performance, which pains me to say since I’m so on the Debbie side of things. (She wrote all her own songs, Tiffany did a bunch of crappy covers. DG is an artist damnit.)Also, this was SO much better than Sharktopus. Also, I’m in a bad so mood so no spoiler alert both Debbie and Tiffany die at end. Ha!

     Now on to tonight’s season finale of Jerseylicous, where we got to see who won the Crystal Cup for best hair and make up at New Jersey Fashion Week. After some hard work by all 3 teams, the guy who created New Jersey Fashion Week (a fact that is totally underwhelming when it’s the First Annual New Jersey Fashion week ) announced the winner. We got close ups of the Glam Fairies, Anthony Roberts Salon, and The Gatsby Salon, all both confident and worried. I was paying very close attention and I’m telling you, Anthony Roberts (with  my girl Olivia in charge) was the best, with Alexa’s Glam a close second and Gayle’s tired ass Gatsby coming in dead last. Yet somehow, this idiot picks the Gatsby as the winner. NO. No way at all. This was the biggest sham since the end of the first Bring It On. It was all a set up and I have now lost all faith in New Jersey Fashion Week.

     Okay, breathing again. I need to compose myself if I’m gonna get through Glam Fairy.

     Sorry about the over the top in depth reviews tonight, but face it, my life is utter crap otherwise. I feel like all I have left in the world is TV and the Best Coast album which I finally downloaded yesterday and have yet to stop listening to, which kinda of annoys me because I feel like I now how have to go back and re-do my entire best music of 2010 list and put this in somewhere around #3. Or #2, I will let you know next month.

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