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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I will never be stupid enough to get Taken.

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

     Global warming my ass. I’m so freaking sick of the snow and cold and it’s not even February yet. I watched Taken again today and, again, I swear that I’m never going anywhere ever. Connie came over after school and I made her watch it. She was so scared that she had her father come pick her up. I suppose that was my big entertainment of the day. Vanessa was bored, but not bored enough to come over in the crap weather, so I actually stayed in the living room after dinner tonight and watched The Kids Are All Right. Within the first 20 minutes it was obvious that while the movie qualified as “family entertainment” it was not something we all felt comfortable watching together. But we kept watching because my parents refused to admit that they’re not as hip as a lesbian couple with 2 kids hanging out with the sperm donor daddy and I refused to admit that I made a mistake by not picking to watch The A Team instead. That movie was way overrated. Kids Are All Right I mean. A Team was decent.

     Emails! Yes, this constitutes excitement in my life (at least until Penderson sweeps me off of my feet.)

     Again, I can’t be bothered to give the e mail addresses, but I assure you, somebody sent them. asks “Who is your favorite movie monster?”

     Off hand I’d have to say Godzilla… but I always end up thinking that the monsters in those movies are actually the humans, so I’m gonna have to change my answer to Beast in Beauty and the Beast. wants to know “What do you think about Simon Cowell leaving American Idol? What do you think of Steven Tyler and J Lo?”

     Okay, prepare to be shocked. I don’t like, don’t watch, and don’t care about American Idol. I know, weird. Okay, I make sleepy times now.

     P.S. I promise I will someday answer all your Disney Princess questions, but it’s gonna have to be an entire blog dedicated to it. Btw Belle rules.

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