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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Better than Sweden

Sunday, January 9th 2011

Movies of the year.

#7 When In Rome: I’m re-watching all the Veronica Mars on Netflix Instant now, and after V mars I’m looking for any reason to watch Kristen Bell.

#6 Machete: “Machete don’t text” is THE quote of the year. This movie was fun and flawed but most importantly, it was the one movie my parents said I wasn’t allowed to go see. It was on my computer the next morning. I need any chance to rebel I can get.

#5 The Tooth Fairy: Steven Merchant and the Rock win my best onscreen chemistry award.

#4 Tangled: Okay, so I love Mandy Moore, so what. I love her husband Ryan Adams too and no one makes fun of me for that. Anyway, Tangled was beautifully animated, fun and cute. It’s the least assy Disney cartoon in over a decade. Also, Mandy Moore was awesome in it.

#3Best Worst Movie: I can’t begin to describe how awesome this movie is or how amazing it’s subject matter, Troll 2, is. Just watch it. It’s the first time I’ve ever had the question “why do I like what I like” explained to me. I can’t wait until I have enough friends to have a legit Troll 2 party.

#2 Kick Ass: If I wasn’t too lazy to make the costume, I’d walk around dressed as Hit Girl 24/7. Funny and violent, what else do I need? Life officially on hold until sequel is out.

#1 Let Me In: Anyone wanna take a guess as to who my new favorite actress is? I saw the original with my parents and we all loved it, so we were excited to see this opening night. They both said that it was “okay but not as good as the Swedish version.” That’s complete and total crap. It’s better in every aspect. It’s as good as Twilight is bad.

     I hope you didn’t expect some kinda of in depth analysis or breakdowns of these fine films. If you did, please refer to my previous blog entries. Have a good night. Or not. (See, I’m dangerous.)

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