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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jersey Justice and beautiful Colin

Sunday, January 23rd 2011

     I think I found the solution to the non-macho but still manly sensitive but can still take me in a fight sweats but doesn’t smell celebrity crush dilemma. (AKA my search for a decent geek who isn’t as wussy as Cera or Eisenberg.) What does everyone think of Colin Hanks? He’s a bit nerdy, a bit dapper. He’s played sensitive roles and now he’s a cop on The Good Guys (which is awesome by the way.) I assure you, he can be dreamy, just give him a chance. For example…

     He opens the door dressed in a stunning suit… without a tie. He motions me in and my jaw drops.

     “Is it… is it really you?”

     “Yes, Penelope, it is I, Colin Hanks. Please come hang out in my extremely safe… Hot tub.”

     “But what about your wife, she seems like such a nice lady.”

     “… She is. But she is also trapped in an alternate universe forever, and told me to move on.”


     Hot stuff, right?

     My parents haven’t fought all weekend. I kept saying “I want pizza” all day today and viola! We just had pizza for dinner. Now I need a time machine to go back and say “I want a guitar” all day today.

     If the Jets make it to the Super Bowl I’m running away from Jersey.

     Tonight’s Jerseylicious could not have been better. The Anthony and Olivia Chain is working smoothly and nailed their audition for New Jersey Fashion Week, plus Alexa beat Gayle head to head for a designer. But the real treat is watching Doria screw up over and over again. We all tweeted Olivia congratulations as soon as the episode was over. Well, it wasn’t so much congratulations as “DORIA SUCKS” but the sentiment was there.

     Ha Ha. Jets lost, so I don’t have to listen to idiots at school tomorrow talking trash.

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