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Monday, January 17, 2011

the so-so Gatsby.

Monday, January 17th 2011

     Okay, so I am like literally on my death bed, but I had to come on to tell you how awful Skins was. It is by far the worst show in the history of television. Also I felt as if I should have had a giant condom over the TV while it was on, just to be safe.

     I realize that this is all coming from a girl who is completely hooked on Jerseylicious.

     Have I not mentioned my unabashed love for Jerseylicous? Oh… never mind then.

     Okay, fine, the secret is out. I freaking love Jerseylicious. Okay fine, the secret’s out. Me, Vanessa and Connie all watch Jerseylicious every Sunday night and PM each other all through it… then usually spend all lunch Monday talking about it again. I won’t bore you to death with a recap or anything, but I just wanted to say that last night Olivia finally got a little justice. The Gatsby take her for granted and they know DAMN well that if she left there would be no show. My suggestions to the management, take a look at your shows opening credits and make a note of the top billing before you make any threats.

     We all would love to go into the salon to get worked on but even in our wildest dreams can’t think of a scenario where we’d need our hair and make up done.

     Back to puking. Cheers.

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