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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

whatever it takes.

Tuesday, January 25th 2011

     I have avoided posting about Degrassi for the same reason a lot of people tried to avoid discussing politics or religion. It just means too much to me. We don’t get Teen Nick with our cable anymore, so I’m relegated to downloading them in bunches and watching them marathon style, which is pretty awesome too. I watched episodes 25-32 of season 10 tonight. Thank you, Canada.

     Congratulations, Degrassi, you’ve invented the “Rape Misunderstanding” plot.
     A brother and his male gender identified sister both competing to hook up with the confused socialite who made out with her own brother last year. Thank you, Degrassi.

     One last rant, HOLLY J! ENOUGH. Stop pretending that you and Declan don’t belong together, don’t fight it.

     Okay, I feel better now. Maybe I’ll make top ten Degrassi episodes one of my upcoming list themed posts. First to look forward too, I will be presenting you with the “10 greatest Lifetime movies of all time.”

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