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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mean library lady

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

     Tonight my parents were just as bored as I was, which I’m sure happens a lot more often than they care to admit. Whenever we get this bored, we try to play Netflix Instant View Gong Show. (For those of you not alive during the last Ice Age, the Gong show is a very old show that is so old that even my old ass parents think it’s old. Evidently, this show involved ridiculous acts and a gong which when someone hit it, the act stops.)

     We take turns loading up horrible / silly looking movies into our queue and then on Gong Show nights we usually end up watching about a few minutes of each and for extra stupid movies we will just fast forward to the end. This method helps you fully enjoy such classics as “Karate Dog” and “Adventures of Food Boy.”

     Tonight’s game was actually spoiled because we stumbled upon an actual decent movie. On paper, “Shelf Life” a “dark comedy (look up actual netflix description)” looked ridiculous but in real life it was kinda awesome. Both me and my dad tried to turn it off during the first 10 minutes but my mom refused.

     Be prepared for a new segment. I’m not sure I can pull off emails every week!

Penelope Review Movies No One Has Ever Seen:

     Shelf Life started off really dumb. Two chicks walk into a room looking all sorts of messed up and then start telling a story. One is a head librarian and the other is a former junkie fresh out of rehab whose politician uncle gets her a job as a shelver. (Shelvee? Shelf Person? Shelvinator?) The librarian instantly hates the new girl because: 1 She went to high school with her and new girl didn’t recognize her. 2 She’s a rocker. 3 Library Lady is a bitchface.

     Tensions build between the two as new girl begins to instill her rebel ways into the library, winning over the children and the dopey but adorable assistant librarian. The situation escalates and we are treated to a surprise ending that kinda makes you think but also kinda sucks in a way.

     Okay, so I SUCK at recapping a movie. Whatever, I liked it a lot. For a really low budget movie there was great acting in it and I almost cried at the end, but only because I’m a wuss. I’m sorry my first movie review sucked, but I promise, I will make a very small attempt to get better.

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