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Friday, February 4, 2011

Care Bears at the Fair

Friday, February 4th 2011

     I’m trying to find the giant Care Bears that I saw at the state fair last year on the internet and I’m striking out. How is that possible? If I wanted a bronzed human kidney, I could find it, but enormous Care Bears don’t seem to exist anymore.

     I was dead set on winning one last year but it was like 105 degrees outside and I barely had enough energy for the petting zoo and the world’s smallest horse. If I could time travel, I’d go back, take vitamins and properly hydrate myself so I had the focus to win the freaking gigantic bear. Or I could have cried until my dad won it. Whatever.

     Connie had a date with Blake tonight which was actually a dinner with her parents at the Olive Garden, so things must be getting pretty serious between them. I’m sure it went great since Blake already offered to convert to be a Jew if it would help.

     Vanessa came over and we did Biore strips while watching Mean Girls 2. I know that it’s sacrilege for there to even be a Mean Girls 2, but I have to admit if the movie was simply called Evil Girls or Mean Teens no one would be offended. Besides, there were some pretty important themes and lessons in Mean Girls 2. For instance, I learned that Carnegie Melon is a hilarious name for a wonderful school and that there isn’t a single problem that flag football can’t fix. Also, best line in Mean Girls 2 “There’s no nun chucks in football!”

     After Vanessa left my mom said some stuff to me, my dad said some stuff to me and Connie texted me “I made the right choice!!!” Overall it was one of the better Friday’s I’ve had in a while. Don’t worry. I’m still entirely lost, miserable and anguished as ever. And I’m still bitter about the Care Bear.

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