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Thursday, April 14, 2011

holy rollers and metagross

Thursday, April 14th 2011

     For the first in like forever, it is email day!


     I was actually so happy to hear from my old chum Roland that I’m going to put in his entire email. Feel special, Holy Roller. (Please not the play on words with his name “Roland”)

Hello Penelope! 

It really has been too long since I last emailed you. I have been busy on mission trips with my youth group to places in need of Jesus and prayer, such as Mexico, and the city of Hell, Michigan(Quick note from P.B. This may be Roland’s attempt at humor… but I actually have no idea.)

We have so much catching up to do, where to begin?! I do hope you are remembering to do a good deed daily. (P.B. don’t make fun of me, but I actually have been doing this. Usually it involves not making fun of something Connie said or being civil to my family.) It isn't just for boy scouts you know. Jesus smiles when ever we do nice things for people. Perhaps you could hold the door for your mother, or tell one of your teachers how much you appreciate the sacrifices they make. 

I wish you would stop watching those horrible "Real Housewives of" shows. Those women set a horrible example for young girls. (P.B. ugh!!! I have no defense for this.)

I really do have so much to say but I must jet off. The youth group and I are baking cookies for the church yard sale this Sunday. 

Praise be to the father!


ps- more to come! do good deeds daily! there is no secret, only Jesus!

     Ya gotta admit it. The little guy grows on you. Next email comes from Penelope, who’s the best Pokemon and why?

     Mr or Mrs Magik, that’s an easy one. Metagross, because he’s a big blue bastard who can do your taxes.

     Nutty Bar time.

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