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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good night, sarah jane smith

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen, you will be missed.

     So despite my issues with how it’s happened so far, I can’t argue with the eliminations so far on DWTS. Petra was sweet and doing all right, but she just didn’t have the personality you need for a long haul on the show. Also, Mark Ballas, you ARE the problem, so please fix it. Also, Carrie Ann Inaba can NOT change her name when she gets married or else she’s entirely useless to me.

     I’m slowly getting back into the swing of the lunchtime chain gang again. It’s weird to think that I’m now actually a member of a sort of respectable social group. We’re still a bunch of loser freshman but Vanessa is pretty enough to be popular and Connie is friendly enough and I guess that I’m sorta skating by on their coattails. People have def been nicer to me this semester than last and of course I’m now questioning the reasons I’m not a social pariah (piranha? Paella? I forget how the saying goes) anymore.

     I bring this up because a boy asked me out today. I’m pretty sure he was just shooting for Vanessa and missed by one but still. He actually asked me in the caf with like witnesses and everything. I show him down of course. He wasn’t hideous or anything but he def wasn’t my type.

     My type. Please shoot me for saying that. Also, if you ever hear my talk about caring about my lawn or express desire to wash my car, shoot me. I’ve obviously been taken over by an alien race.

     I had a crazy eerie dream last night that Bethany from Best Coast died and I found out from browsing iTunes which had an in memoriam sale. I was frustrated because “I have all this stuff and I’m sad so I want to buy something.”

     Send me emails if you’re bored. I think I’m interested again.

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