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Sunday, April 10, 2011

all i ask is don't tell anybody the secrets i told you

Saturday, April 9th 2011

     Today I slept in and then made another mix for my sewing circle. Since I’ve won them over with previous mixes, I feel like I can be a little more daring here. I call the mix:

We can’t stand for too much of this country:

Learning to Ride / Caitlin Rose
Things Change / Caitlin Rose
Blue Skies Again / Jessica Lea Mayfield
Trouble / Jessica Lea Mayfield
Grown Man / Jessica Lea Mayfield
Asleep / Emily Browning
You Call This Your Home / Hannah Peel
Today Is Not So Far Away / Hannah Peel
Breakfast / EMA
Metal Firecracker / Lucinda Williams
Back Of The Van / Ladyhawke
Juno / Life Without Buildings
Get Away / Yuck
Ladies Choice / Mandy Moore
Watermelons / The Lovely Eggs
Mild Confusion / Tamaryn
Strange Lights / Deerhunter
Some Cities / Doves
Anything, Anything / Dramarama
I Searched / Brilliant Colors

     As always, I will be happy to send this mix to any browser bored enough to email me.

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