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Monday, April 11, 2011

Degrassi Immortality

Monday, April 12th 2011

     Why the frak does no one like sucker punch? I admit, it’s a bit umm… okay, there isn’t a lot in the making sense department. But it’s not like Inception was any better. (I think. I didn’t actually see it. My love of Ellen Page if matched by my hatred of Dicaprio. Although now that I’ve made fun of it I feel like I should watch. Grrr.)

     I went to see it with my parents and they were as confused as I was but overall I thought it was a fun non-exploitive action chick flick with one of my least favorite endings of all time. If I didn’t know I’d look ridiculous, I’d be Baby Doll for Halloween this year. (why do I always think I’m actually going to dress up?)

     I also spent an hour playing guitar today. My fingertips are all cut up now. I know, cool right?

     Finally today, I would like to once again say it.

     THANK YOU DEGRASSI! I’m finally all caught up to date and would like to formally welcome Fiona Coyne to Penelope Blackhearts Official Degrassi Hall of Fame. She’s just a brilliant fantastic insane character. She’s been abused by her boyfriend, gone to rehab for alcohol, kissed her brother, kissed a transgendered girl, and kissed her brother’s ex girlfriend, all in this past school year. And through it all she’s managed to fall apart and rise over and over again. She’s just the best.

     Other members of the Penelope Blackhearts Official Degrassi Hall of Fame:

Ellie Nash: Oh Eleanor Nash, how I love you! Poor Ellie never found love. The Degrassi universe kept crapping on her and she took it and survived. She’s the only one I could ever really relate to. I really need to not analyze that statement.

Paige Michalchuk: Paige started off as the biggest bitch on the planet before redefining “learning things the hard way.” At the end of the journey she became one of the most honest and endearing characters, no matter what idiotic storyline she was thrown into.

     I suppose I could put a lot more people in the Hall, but I want to keep it special. Being awesome isn’t enough in this company. You have to convince me that you’re my friend. Again, I am not going to analyze that statement either.

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