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Monday, March 28, 2011

Return from District 12 to District 13.

Monday, March 28th 2011

     Sorry. Sorry? Sorry!

     I’ve been away (I have to tell you all about West Virginia.) I’ve been sick (I think I may actually take my damn Flintstone’s vitamins.) I’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars. (I got suckered in watching a rerun of the first episode in the hotel room and please don’t get me started on freaking DWTS politics.) I’ve been listening to new music. (Maybe West Virginia really did effect me because I downloaded another country record. Caitlyn Rose’s Own Side Now is my new fave record of the moment.) I have not been compelled to write. Sorry.

     To start off, West Virginia is not the backasswards redneck nightmare people think it is. I was there for 4 days and actually like it a lot better than most places I’ve been. Yes, I realize that I’ve only gone to such glamorous place as Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland but you get my point.

     Here are some of the things I learned in West Va. Evidently, I like architecture. I didn’t know that. No trespassing signs are very trendy in certain parts of the world. They also helped remind me that I was actually IN District 12. I only saw 1 girl who looked like Katniss, and she worked at a gas station. Gas stations are kinda awesome in other states. I am now sick as a dog, (okay, someone get me the etymology on that phrase) so I’ll cut it short for now and just say it was a cool time. Zzzzz.

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