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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juno has serious problems.

Friday, October 22nd 2010

     I have a serious problem. Because my parents have “hip” taste in music I am at a loss for rebellion rock. When your parents listen to Sonic Youth, the Ramones and Nirvana it’s hard to find music that pisses them off.

     (On a side note, Oh my dear God, I just realized that my parents were written by Diablo Cody. Eww, Juno would totally do my dad.)

     I’ve started blasting Lesley Gore (60’s teen pop sensation, I checked) every afternoon trying to get a rise out of my mom, and then once again when my dad gets home from work. So far all I’ve gotten is a few strange looks. If I don’t get results soon I’m gonna have to do some heavy research.

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  1. Lesley Gore is awesome. You Don't Own Me is the perfect anthem for feminine independence.